Greg Fried

Greg Fried received an Honours degree in Philosophy from the University of Cape Town, and then went as a Commonwealth Scholar to Trinity College, Cambridge University, from which he received an MPhil in Philosophy and a PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science. As UCT, where he lectures in philosophy, his current areas of teaching include the history of philosophy and the philosophy of mathematics. Greg's philosophical research is primarily on the human significance of formal, symbolic systems. In particular, he is interested in social choice theory, a formal theory of collective decision making that lies at the intersection of economics, politics and philosophy (for instance, see this piece in Public Choice); and also in relations between mathematics and theology (see this paper in Theology and Science).

Greg also co-teaches a graduate course in creative writing at UCT's Centre for Film and Media Studies, and writes fiction with his co-author and spouse Lisa Lazarus. Greg and Lisa are the authors of two novels published under their pen name Greg Lazarus - Paradise (2014) and When in Broad Daylight I Open My Eyes (2012) - and a memoir of parenting, The Book of Jacob (2009), which appeared under both their names. They have also written several anthologised short stories, including 'This Could Get Messy', which won the best story prize at the National Arts Festival Short.Sharp.Stories award in 2016, and has recently been published in the collection Die Laughing.